Angie Monasterio

Graduated from ENFO (National School of Photography) in Buenos Aires, Argentina; she opened her studio in 2006, aimed mainly at fashion & editorial photography.

Due to her previous experience in art and illustration, and her numerous tv, film and publicity appearances, Angie had the opportunity to engage in direction, post-production and editing of photography and video, design and tv scenography.

Angie is a rarely seen artist, given that she works on the makeup, hair, styling, shooting, and post editing of her work, and in various occasions she even will paint and illustrate on top of her finished piece, providing her clients and audience a very original work of art.

Angie was born in 1984, in Argentina. She began illustrating at the early age of 4, showing some clear deatailed skills at drawing human form with straight precise lines, notably advanced for a child her age.

Her love for the arts was broad, music was an outstanding part of her childhood and teenage years. It was only in first grade that she started singing and acting on stage and participating in plays and tv projects.

She attended school with average grades, but making a lot of progress on the digital field at home. At age 14, she built her own website and was already deeply engaged in website design and programming, as well as digital illustration and edition. This self-taught web designer started making a living off of her designing and illustrating skills while still in high school, scoring her own comic book participation with Sirius Comics in the USA.

She continued to pursue her music career, and it was only two years later that she got a call from Sony Music producer and representative Stephen Stone to fly down to New York to audition for him. She then began recording an album with renowned producer and musician Cory Rooney, and participating in several tv and film projects as well, moving around a lot from USA to Europe, to South and Central America.
After almost 6 years of living and working overseas, she returns to her hometown in Buenos Aires, to settle down and its then that she begins her photography and film career.

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